Composite Sink

It goes without saying that people adore the look of seamless design. Our composite sinks are made of the same composite as the countertop. This creates a smooth flow that complements the minimalistic design trend that many homeowners are looking for in their kitchens.

Composite sinks made of stone, such as granite, marble, and soapstone, provide the beautiful, versatile, and natural option that so many designers and homeowners desire. 

Our composite sinks look great in both contemporary and traditional settings. Not to mention how much easier it is to keep them clean and sanitary because there is no place for bacteria or mold to grow.

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Types for Sinks

Utah's Best Granite

Each of these stones adds a unique flair and benefit to the table!

Here are a few of the more popular stones we have:

Sink made of granite

Not only will your granite sink be scratch-resistant and easy to clean, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing! 

Our granite sinks are handcrafted and functional to the highest standards. Because of its low porosity, a granite sink will also prevent the growth of bacteria. When you choose granite for your sink, you are selecting one of the most durable, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing stones available! 

Granite comes in a wide range of colors, swirls, and flecks, making it a more aesthetically pleasing choice for your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Sink made of marble

If you want a sink with a timeless elegance that no other stone can match, marble is the stone for you. Sinks are no exception to the fact that this natural stone is extremely versatile. 

Because marble is formed by the recrystallization of limestone in the earth under extreme heat and pressure, each piece of marble has its own distinct veining, patterns, colors, and swirls. 

With a marble sink, you can truly distinguish your kitchen or bathroom.

Sink made of marble

A soapstone sink is a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen or bathroom. Composite sinks made of stone have been used to make everything from sinks to countertops. 

Chemicals, acids, and temperature have no effect on soapstone. Not to mention that it is impermeable, so bacteria and liquids will not be able to penetrate its surface. Soapstone sinks do not need to be sealed, will not stain, and require very little maintenance. Soapstone is also very easy to cut, making it extremely versatile. Aside from all of the functional benefits that this long-lasting stone provides, it’s also an exceptionally beautiful stone that only gets better with age.

Utah's Best Granite

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